Californication -Red Hot Chili Peppers-

Psychic spies from China Try to

steal your mind's elation

Little girls from Sweden Dream of

silver screen quotations And

if you want these kind of dreams It's


It's the

edge of the world And all of

western civilization The

sun may rise in the East At least it

settles in the final lacation It's

understood that Hollywood sells


Pay your surgeon very well To br

eak the spell of aging Ce

lebrity skin is this your chin Or

is that war your waging

First born unicorn

Hard core soft porn

Dream of Californication

Dream of Californication

Marry me girl be my fairy to the world Be my

very own constellatoin A

teenage bride with a baby inside Getting

high on information And

buy me a star on the boulevard It's


Space may be the final frontier But it's

made in a Hollywood basement

Cobain can you hear the spheres Singing

songs off station to station And

Alderon's not far away It's


Born and raised by those who praise Con

trol of population

everybody's been there and I

don't mean on vacation


struction leads to a very rough road But it

also beeds creation And

earthquake sa to a girl's guitar They're

just another good vibration And

tidal waves couldn't sabe the world From


Pay your surgeon very well To

break the spell of aging

Sicker than the rest There is no test But

this is what you're craving